Bangkok Vasectomy Reversal

Bangkok Vasectomy Reversal

Fertility Options for Men

You may have considered having a reversal of a vasectomy, but you should be aware that there is more than one alternative to vasectomy reversal. Although the rate of vasectomy reversal success is very high, results cannot be guaranteed 100%. The physicians at Bangkok Vasectomy Reversal, one of Thailand's leading male fertility clinics, will be glad to recommend an alternative to vasectomy reversal in the highly unlikely (but possible) event that you experience a failed vasectomy reversal.

What to Expect

Vasectomy reversal success rates at Bangkok Vasectomy Reversal depend on numerous factors, and run at about 75 to 95%. Some of these factors include:

  • The Amount of Time Since Your Vasectomy: less time is better
  • Your Age: although men will produce semen throughout their lives, sperm viability generally decreases with age
  • Sperm Health: this is determined by a semen analysis, and measured such things as activity, shape, energy levels and density per milliliter of semen

While the reversal of a vasectomy at Bangkok Vasectomy Reversal is not considered major surgery, vasectomy reversal recovery does require some time and special care. Chances are that you'll be instructed to rest, avoid exertion (including sex), use ice packs on the surgery area and avoid wearing tight-fitting pants and briefs. Following your doctor's instructions to the letter will maximize the chances of vasectomy reversal success.

Options After Failed Vasectomy Reversal

Should you experience a failed vasectomy reversal, there is no reason for despair. There are two different procedures for the reversal of a vasectomy, and if one does not work out, the other may.

If this is not the case however, there are other ways in which your partner can pregnant after failed vasectomy reversal. Artificial insemination in one such alternative; the doctors at Bangkok Vasectomy Reversal are able to retrieve sperm directly from the vas deferens above the site of the vasectomy. Such sperm must be injected directly into the woman's egg, however.

If the problem is not related to the vasectomy reversal itself but rather the sperm itself, the doctor can use a method that is normally part of a semen analysis; swim-out is a procedure that separates healthy, viable sperm from a sample and collected.

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